e-mail: drososlefteris@gmail.com Phone: +30.697 745-8860
e-mail: drososlefteris@gmail.com Phone: +30.697 745-8860
Mylopetres_TRaditional House_OIa_Santorini

Traditional cozy house located in Finikia, one of the most historical villages in Oia,
Santorini. Fully equipped house, only 12 minutes away from the centre of Oia.
It provides all that is needed for an unforgettable holiday experience in
a peaceful and quiet environment.The balcony gives you the chance to witness
the stunning beauty of the village and the Aegean sea.

It is an easily accessed house in the entrance of the Finikia only 12 minutes away
on foot from Oia’s centre. It is close to plenty of local stores and there is also a
puplic parking provided by the community of Thira. The property features a full size built-in
bed with high quality linen kitchenette and a brand new bathroom .It is the perfect place to
enjoy quality time with your friends and experience the famous Santorinian and Greek
culture in general.

We will be with you from the time you arrive to the island until the time you
depart in order to satisfy your requests and to ensure that there wont’s be any incoeniences.
It is a pleasure for us to have you here and show you a piece of our well-known
Hospitality and culture.